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Hvis du ikke kan finde en forhandler i nærheden af dig, er du altid velkommen til at kontakte os direkte. Køb kan også ske direkte fra os.

If you can not find a dealer or a distributor near you - do not hesitate to contact us.

Is it possible to make a 100 % chemical free  line of hoofcare products ?

Yes it is. And even doping free (according to FEI doping list.)

Pure Nature Oil.

Only Oils no adds to keep it fluid during winter, and no extra to keep it free of bacterias. 

It will be more gelly during winter. But the oils will kill any bacteries in the can. 

The oils are carefully selected. And are some of natures finest. Groundnut oil - Orange oils - Mint Oils. 

Not harmfull to the hoof or the coronaryband.

All products are carefully tested


  • Egholm Hestefoder - Sjælland
  • Støvlsig Hestefoder  - Nordjylland
  • Beslagsmed - Jens Kasperzcyk, Jylland 
  • Beslagsmed - Mikel Dawson, Jylland
  • Beslagsmed - Mike Rasmussen, Sjælland
  • Beslagsmed - Kasper Brøndel, Fyn
  • Beslagsmed- Lasse Andersen, Jylland
  • Dyrepraksis Pilegaard, Jylland
  • Kolding Beslagsmedie 


Paul Hellmeier - Münich - www.hufschmied-paul-hellmei

Marco Middelücke  

Ray Knighley  - www.farriers-tools.de

More are comming.


At the moment, exclusively

As our Agent

Hoofment BV &  www.hoofcare.shop

Full Range of products.


Hovcompagniet AB



Full range of our products


Skagen Smie & Hovslagari AB


Full range of our products

United Kingdom

Trinity Farrier Service

Mark Aikens


Full range of our products


Jelle  De Larre

Filip Vereinst

Nick Vermassen

Jens Van Brogge


Martin Vermiest